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CNX Nifty
 Strong Up Trend
 Up Trend
 Not Trending
 Down Trend
 Strong Down Trend

CNX Nifty Trend & Technical Analysis

BEFORE placing trade on CNX Nifty, confirm trend on TwoNaHalf.cOm.

CNX Nifty is showing signs of change in Trend. Avoid intraday or swing trade as of now.
Wait for Scrip to close above 9008.4 to initiate fresh LONG swing trade.
Watch list if empty.
User icon on the chart to add scrip to Watch List

Market Trend
Strong Up Trend166
Strong Down Trend52
Down Trend247
Up Trend427
Not Trending619
Begening of New Up Trend ( PTL )
CNX Nifty8996.25 (0.44%)
L&TFH69.4 (2.74%)
NECLIFE38.4 (10.03%)
TATAGLOBAL163.55 (3.28%)
RELCAPITAL478.2 (3.79%)
Begening of New Down Trend ( PTL )
MTNL27.05 (-1.1%)
DBREALTY76.5 (-4.26%)
OMAXE127.95 (-1.01%)
PNBGILTS32.2 (-1.38%)
SBT519.5 (-8.04%)
Oversold on RSI ( RSI < 30 )
EDUCOMP21.5 (-0.46%)
RAIN33.95 (-2.3%)
DIAPOWER44.8 (-14.34%)
Overbought on RSI ( RSI > 70 )
TAKE169.45 (7.08%)
TATAELXSI1390.7 (20%)
LOKESHMACH72.8 (8.41%)
POCHIRAJU82.2 (2.11%)
MCX1243.35 (1.65%)
CNX Nifty Trend and Technical Analysis: Buy Sell Signals for Intraday on TwoNaHalf.cOm